Latvian MEP Nils Ušakovs stripped of immunity

On Thursday, 11 November, the European Parliament decided to strip Latvian MEP and former mayor of Riga Nils Ušakovs of his immunity.
Commenting on this decision by the European Parliament, the politician said he has nothing to fear. Ušakovs said he invited other MEPs to vote in favour of stripping him of the immunity and he voted in favour as well.
«The investigation has continued since June 2019. Removal of MEP immunity will help speed up and finish this process. Then I will be able to prove the comical accusations against me are nothing but a bad joke,» said the MEP.
Even after his immunity is stripped Ušakovs will remain an MEP. The reason is because this post was given to him by the Latvian state, and no other country or institution can strip him of it.
BNN previously reported that in January 2019 Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) found a hidden device in Ušakovs’ office in Riga City Council. KNAB reported that a video surveillance device was hidden in a book on one of the shelves.
KNAB later requested the Office of the Prosecutor General to raise criminal charges against the now ex-Riga mayor.