Latvian medical associations consider possible government dismissal a logical possibility

Latvian Medical Association (LMA), Latvian Junior Doctors Association (LJĀA) and Latvian Nurses Association (LMA) believe the current situation in the country clearly outlines the government’s inability to resolve the crisis situation in the country. This is why «the government’s dismissal and formation of a government of independent professionals is a logical possibility».
According to the three organizations, the only way left to limit the spread of Covid-19 is imposing immediate and strict limits on unnecessary contacts with other people. «Restrictions have to be tough, clear, immediate and easily controlled. Decision-making must not be slowed – the process needs to be active and constructive,» as stated in the organisations’ statement to the press.
LĀB, LJĀA and LMA believe the reason for the current difficult situation in Latvia lies in the inability of the government to manage the crisis in a constructive and reasonable way.
«The government’s actions are not only indecisive, it is downright negligent and criminal towards Latvia’s residents,» the organizations note, inviting the government «to stop looking at the crisis in healthcare as a political process and stop ignoring opinions of experts and healthcare professionals».
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Healthcare services are already limited, preventing many residents from receiving necessary medical services. But if the government’s decisions are not changed, organizations believe the country’s healthcare system will not be able to provide Covid-19 patients or people in need of immediate medical assistance with any assistance. «Healthcare workers are already forced to divide patients into groups. This way the government forces doctors to make decisions as to who gets to live and who dies, essentially.»
«We warn that in the long run it will be politicians who will have to take responsibility for that, not medical workers,» the announcement mentions.
«The PM is happy about democratically made decisions and says experts’ opinions should only be listened to. But the PM forgets that sooner or later politicians will have to take responsibility for last week’s decisions,» the organization notes, adding that «the government is being absolutely unethical in its decisions, because they value short-term benefits, such as theatre and concerts, above human lives».