Latvian hospitals still receive more than 50 Covid-19 patients daily

Similarly to a week prior more than 50 Covid-19 patients are admitted to Latvian hospitals every day (51 on average and 53 last week). The number of patients suffering from severe infection remains high even though there has been a slight reduction of 4.8%, according to information compiled by the Disease Prevention and Control Centre (SPKC).
Last week, between 20th and 26th December, the number of newly uncovered Covid-19 infection cases had reduced 17.4%. The drop is related to less testing both because of the winter school break and the holiday.
Last week an average of 6 760 tests were performed every day (9 780 previously). An average of 613 new infection cases were found every day (742 previously). 8% of all Covid-19 tests (3 853) were related to school screening and 92% (43 466) were for all other residents.
Of the positive Covid-19 cases 4% (190 infections) were related to school screenings and 92% (4 292 infections) for all other residents.
Covid-19 reproduction number (R) dropped to 0.83 (1.08 a week prior) last week.
Compared to the intensity of Covid-19 spread per 100 000 residents both vaccinated/non-vaccinated /partially vaccinated people last week, Covid-19 infection was found among non-vaccinated/non-vaccinated people 1.8 times more often than among fully vaccinated people in Latvia.