Latvian government to organize special vaccination for seniors 70 years old

From next week onward residents 70 years and older will be able to sign up for and receive Covid-19 vaccination at home, as reported by National Health Service’s Vaccination Project Office lead Eva Juhņēviča at the 5 October meeting of the government.
Until now this option was open to residents aged 80 years and older in Latvia.
According to the expert, yesterday’s data indicates that of 20 000 people interviewed by phone 39% have agreed to vaccinate. Therefore, Juhņēviča believes this approach works. Preparations are underway to send notification letters to seniors who have yet to vaccinate.
The lead of the vaccination office reports that together with the Social Integration Fund it was possible to evaluate vaccination promotion projects presented by NGOs.
«More than 20 projects have been evaluated. 11 projects have been supported. Two of those projects are for seniors,» said Juhņēviča.
A new project has commenced in Līvāni municipality. During this project, a mobile vaccination point will be active in the area, letting residents vaccinated close to home.
Latvia’s Minister of Health Daniels Pavļuts said during the meeting that he plans to raise the issue of increasing financing for general practitioners at the next government meeting.
Booster shots will become available for residents 65 years and older from 6 October onward, said the minister.
He explained that booster shots are recommended to people older than 65 years, adult social care and old folks home clients.