Latvian government to divert EUR 19.36 million towards state budget programme for emergencies

The EUR 19.36 million left unspent by ministries in Latvia will be diverted towards the state budget programme for emergencies, as decided by the government on Tuesday, 23 November.
According to information from ministries and central state institutions, certain state budget programmes have generated a surplus of EUR 19 361 129.
This includes EUR 540 558 from the Ministry of Defence, EUR 1 008 180 from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, EUR 3 733 500 from the Ministry of Economics, EUR 5 096 533 from the Ministry of Finances, EUR 684 074 from the Ministry of Education and Sciences, EUR 2 368 from the Ministry of Agriculture, EUR 818 746 from the Ministry of Welfare, EUR 358 279 from the Ministry of Justice, EUR 153 279 from the Ministry of Environment Protection and Regional Development, and EUR 6 965 612 from the Ministry of Culture.
The reasons why some funding remained unused include cancelled official visits, services cancelled due to Covid-19, lower grants for entrepreneurs in the energy-intensive manufacturing industry, the implementation of the National Concert Hall project, reduced costs for lunches provided to 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders, reduced expenses on international operations, reduced expenses on multiple priority activities and multiple projects, etc.
The aforementioned finances are planned to be diverted towards the state budget for emergencies.