Latvian government to allocate additional EUR 25.85 million towards healthcare sector

On 16 November Latvia’s government decided to allocate more than EUR 25.85 million to the healthcare sector to help cover the costs that surfaced as a result of Covid-19 outbreak and related consequences, as reported by Ministry of Health.
More than EUR 0.87 million will be diverted towards the Emergency Medical Service. According to the ministry, the rapid climb of Covid-19 infection has affected the work of the services a great deal, increasing costs and workload and causing difficulties with oxygen administration to Covid-19 patients. The pandemic has also caused a shortage of medical equipment for Covid-19 treatment.
In order to settle the debts before healthcare institutions and laboratories that assist with Covid-19 treatment, more than EUR 24.98 million will be allocated from the state budget programme for emergencies in order to cover costs of individual protection equipment and disinfection liquids, laboratory services, remote consultations, patient transportation costs in October, November and December.
According to the ministry, this will help cover healthcare institutions’ costs that surfaced in the last months of 2021.
If the allocated financing is not used, it will be diverted to cover other covid-related costs.