Latvian government permits pharmacies to perform Covid-19 vaccination

To further promote vaccination against Covid-19, Latvia is looking for ways to make vaccination more accessible and convenient for residents. One solution that has proven itself in other countries is letting pharmacists perform Covid-19 vaccination, as confirmed by the Ministry of Health.
The ministry believes making Covid-19 vaccination accessible in pharmacies would make it more convenient for residents.
It is planned to make the option for pharmacies to engage in vaccination voluntarily. Pharmacists who engage in Covid-19 vaccination will be provided with additional training, similarly to other medical workers. About 100 pharmacists have already confirmed their readiness to engage in Covid-19 vaccination process.
The ministry believes vaccination at pharmacies would improve accessibility of vaccination, especially if demand surges, which is possible, considering the 15 December deadline for acquisition of Covid-19 certificate.
The Ministry of Health note other EU countries employ Covid-19 vaccination in pharmacies – Ireland, Norway, Portugal and France. This method has proven its effectiveness when providing residents vaccination for flu.
In Portugal, for example, flu vaccination service was first adopted in 2008. Now it’s available at 78% of pharmacies in the country.
Before the spread of Covid-19, seasonal flu was the main reason for increased mortality rates and hospitalisations in the winter season. Europe’s experience shows that by letting pharmacists administer flu shots it is possible to expand vaccination coverage and increase residents’ protection against severe infection cases and hospitalisations.
The ministry reminds – vaccination is the most reliable way of ensuring protection against Covid-19.