Latvian government permits bars and entertainment venues to work on New Year’s night

Latvia, like Estonia, will lift the restrictions imposed on open hours for service providers and events for New Year’s night, as confirmed by the government on Tuesday, 21 December.
Amendments passed by the government to the order on the declaration of a state of emergency state that stores located in shopping malls will be able to open up for weekends and holiday. Amendments will come to force on Friday, 24 December.
Changes to the regulations governing activities of bars, restaurants and other culture and entertainment locations on New Year’s night from 23:00 to 06:00 were added, considering New Year’s celebration traditions.
Previously the Estonian government decided that for 31 December and 1 January the restriction for bars, restaurants and other entertainment venues to remain open past 23:00 will be lifted.
As it is known, service provision at shopping malls was prohibited on weekends and holidays due to epidemiological safety reasons. This ban did not extend to stores selling essential goods, however.
At the same time, amendments also state that if it is not possible to completely separate the flow of people receiving services in a safe and unsafe environment at bus or railway stations, Covid-19 certificate inspection should be organised outside the places working in the so-called green regime.
As previously reported, the state of emergency is in force in Latvia until 11 January. During this situation services are severely limited for residents who do not have a valid Covid-19 vaccination or recovery certificate. Additionally, there are multiple other epidemiological safety requirements in place to limit the spread of Covid-19.