Latvian government approved funding towards development of E-Identity and e-signature systems

On Tuesday, the 7th of March, Latvia’s government approved the report from the Ministry of Transport on the project from European Regional Development Fund on the development of E-Identity and e-signature solutions, as part of which it is planned to develop future infrastructure opportunities and provide necessary funding, as confirmed by the ministry’s communication office.
Ministry of Transport together with Ministry of Environment Protection and Regional Development and Ministry of the Interior have performed an evaluation of the aforementioned infrastructure’s maintenance and future application opportunities.

According to estimates from ministries, in 2024 infrastructure maintenance will require funding of EUR 4.8 million. (EUR 5.2 million in 2025 and EUR 5.5 million in 2026).

Funding is intended to provided residents, companies and state institutions the option to confirm identity and sign documents electronically for free, as well as ensure continued operation of the electronic electronic signature platform.
Considering the topic of national security, various data protection risks, as well as the existing geopolitical situation, development of a quality e-services platform, risk reduction of data inaccessibility is highly important.
The report from the Ministry of Transport also mentions a funding model that provides for a proportional distribution of funding from the state budget and Latvian State Radio and Television Centre’s dividends.
The aforementioned infrastructure was developed as par of European Regional Development Fund’s project to ensure trusted service provision in accordance with e-IDAS regulations, including technical infrastructure required by trusted service providers.
As part of this project it was possible to develop multiple customer-focused solutions – eParaksts mobile,, eParakstitajs 3.0 software.
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