Latvian enterprises report EUR 18.7 million investments from Belarus

According to information from Lursoft, currently there is EUR 18.7 million of investments from Belarus registered in base capital of Latvian enterprises.
In total, there are 727 investors from Belarus registered in Latvia. These people have invested funds into base capital of 718 businesses.
The 2 December regulation issued by the Council of Europe regarding restrictive measures against Belarus includes information about 17 private and 11 legal persons who are subjected to EU sanctions, because those persons are involved in activities of Aleksandr Lukashenko’s regime. These activities are aimed at breaching EU’s external borders or carrying illegal goods over the border.
The EU has presented sanctions to the head of Belarusian State Border Committee Special Operations Service Igor Kruchkov and other heads of Belarusian State Border Guard units, multiple officials of Belarusian Supreme Court and chairman of Belarusian state TV channel ONT Marat Markov and others.
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The sanction list also includes Belarusian state-owned Belavia Belarusian Airlines, state-owned tourism company Centrkurort, which is believed to be one of the enterprises coordinating the flow of illegal migrants attempting to illegally cross the Belarusian-EU border, tourism agency Oskartour, which helped Iraqi citizens acquire visas, as well as other organisations in Belarus.
Information from Lursoft shows there are 388 subjects from Belarus that are currently on the sanction list. This includes 302 private persons and 86 organisations.
Lursoft data also reveals that among the companies under EU sanctions are the shareholders of Oil Logistic, which was liquidates at the beginning of November this year. These included Belaruskalij (55%), Belarusian Oil Exchange (35%) and Naftan (10%).