Latvian coalition parties disagree on government cooperation memorandum

Discussions regarding certain points of the government memorandum will continue, as New Unity (JV) and National Alliance (NA) failed to reach an agreement at a recent meeting, as journalists were told by NA chairman Raivis Dzintars on Wednesday, 26 October.
During this meeting NA submitted proposals for multiple points of JV’s suggested government memorandum. The two parties agreed on certain points of the memorandum and disagreed on others. Discussions are needed for other points, said the leader of NA.
NA politician Uģis Mitrevics said the two parties have agreed on addition two more sections to the memorandum. Both were suggested by his party. These include suggestions related to support in the demographic area, promotion of development of Latvia’s economy by supporting high value added economy and exports. It will be necessary to reach an agreement on the redaction of these topics.
Minister of Culture Nauris Puntulis said the memorandum must mention culture as the cornerstone of a national country.

When asked if the memorandum could be signed this week, Dzintars could not provide a definite answer.

JV’s proposed cooperation memorandum is ‘sufficiently general’ and it does not list many promises, said NA’s leader. He said he generally sees no insurmountable obstacles that would prevent potential coalition partners from reaching an agreement on a document of similar content.
If an agreement is reached on the formal and general text of the document, it does not mean government formation negotiations are over, because the government declaration and tasks will require separate discussions, said Dzintars.
According to him, expected negotiations have to be very intensive, considering that the new Saeima will gather for its first meeting next week.
As previously reported, the next government in Latvia will consist of three political parties: New Unity, Combined List and National Alliance.