Latvian authorities start tackling possible fake vaccination activities

Since August Latvian State Police has commenced multiple criminal processes over possible fictive vaccination and bribery cases involving medical personnel in exchange for vaccination certificates, says State Police press representative Simona Grāvīte.
Investigation continues, and police do not reveal the exact number of active cases.
Grāvīte confirms that one of the newer criminal processes revolves around possible falsification of vaccination certificates in Vidzeme. ReTV reported on Wednesday, 6 October, that
a person with a fake covid vaccination certificate had died in a hospital in Vidzeme. On top of that, there are multiple people who have fake certificates that are now undergoing treatment in hospitals.
Police give no comments on any of the new criminal processes.
At the same time, police are looking for people who may have used the opportunity to acquire vaccination certificates illegally in the past. Police have uncovered a considerable number of such people.
Police note the interest of the mass media in knowing the number of annulled certificates and the investigation is understandable. However, this investigation process cannot be rushed or be made public, because police are abiding by the law and there is a large volume of information to check.
Only once a sufficient evidence base has been acquired will this information be sent to the National Health Service (NVD). People identified by the police do not admit the fact of fictive vaccination, which extends the investigation.
BNN previously reported that in August the State Police reported having detained persons, medical personnel included, as part of three criminal processes in which several hundred people were provided with fictive Covid-19 vaccination.
Police also urge residents who used illegal means of acquiring fake vaccination certificates to reach out and admit their guilt. Voluntary admission of guilt can help avoid criminal liability.
NVD has already annulled some of the certificates after receiving initial information from the police.