Latvian ambulance workers are emotionally less ready to fight Covid-19 again

In Latvian hospitals, the emotional readiness of emergency medical workers to go through the fight against Covid-19 is considerably lower and it is increasingly hard to motivate them to prepare for the influx the patients with this disease, Liene Cipule, the head of the Emergency Medical Aid Service, told in an interview with Latvijas Radio on Monday, September 6.
Describing the current situation, Cipule said that although regional hospitals in Valmiera and Rēzekne open their Covid-19 wards on September 6, it had been difficult to provide space for all patients over the past weekend.
The key problem, the head of emergency medical workers said, was that the number of patients in intensive care units has increased.
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Speaking about how her colleagues look forward to working in the upcoming situation, Cipule told that emergency medial workers are in two minds as to what is ahead of them.
«There is doubt about the moral readiness of medical workers to go into the flames with the same vigour they did last year,» the head of the service said. «It is increasingly hard to motivate people to go through the same situation as last year, because the fight with Covid-19 is a very hard job both mentally and physically.»