Latvia to create Internal Security Academy; first students to enrol in 2023

There are plans to invest approximately EUR 45 million into the Internal Security Academy (IDA). The first students are planned to enrol in September next year, said Minister of the Interior Kristaps Eklons.
The heads of the Ministry of the Interior, State Police College, Riga Stradins University and University of Latvia signed an agreement for the creation of IDA on Tuesday, 25 October.
Now officials will tackle development of the programme and investments into infrastructure. Next year it is planned to allocate EUR 3 million. The total investment fund is estimated at EUR 45 million, which will come from the state budget and EU funding, said Eklons.

It is planned to establish infrastructure for the academy’s needs in Riga, Ezermalas Street.

It is planned to construct new buildings and renovate existing ones. This is where the State Police College is located now and where the now liquidated Latvian Police Academy once stood. The National Defence Academy is located nearby.
The academy will prepare staff to work at law enforcement institutions, starting with operatives and ending with investigators and other specialists. Work will continue on conditions for enrolment. If a youngster wants to serve in services related to the interior sector, they will have to pass an academic and physical tests, as well as meet specific health requirements, said Eklons.
The sides involved have agreed on shared cooperation goals, management of the consortium and work organisation model, joint study programmes and sharing resources.
IDA will offer mostly state budget spots for students.
In February 2020 Latvia’s government accepted a report from the Ministry of the Interior regarding the improvement of the education system for officials of law enforcement institutions. This provides for the creation of a consortium involving the ministry, State Police College, RSU and LU. The consortium’s infrastructure development plans provide for the construction of a new educational building within Ezermala Street complex.