Latvia may see first snow in the coming weeks

The beginning of October was very dry but this week there was a lot of rain in Latvia, especially in Kurzeme. The next seven days will be relatively rainy in Latvia. There is also the possibility of first snow, according to Latvian State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.
Friday, 15 October, will be the rainiest and windiest day of the week. Rain is expected in many parts of Latvia. Rainfall will be lasting in Kurzeme. There is also a possibility of local thunderstorms and hail. Air temperature will be +8° C… +12° C.
The wind will be slow to moderate. Wind direction will be south to south-west. Along the coast, however, wind speed may reach 20 m/sec.
Precipitation will calm down on Saturday. The wind will calm down as well. On Sunday a new precipitation zone will reach Latvia, bringing rain to most of Latvia.
Next week will start off with dry weather. Daytime air temperature will increase to +7° C… +12° C. Night-time air temperature will drop to +3° C… +8° C.
On Tuesday the sky will be cloudy and rainy. Air temperature will remain stable: +3° C at night and +14° C during the day.
Meteorologists predict in the middle of the week warmer masses of air will flow to the country. Air temperature at night will reach +10° C and daytime air temperature will reach +13° C… +15° C. There is a possibility of colder masses of air flowing to the country at the end of the week and bringing the first snow to Latvia.