Latvia elected to the UN Peacebuilding Commission for the first time

For the first time in history Latvia has been elected to the United Nations Peacebuilding Commission, as confirmed by Latvia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Latvia will participate in the commission’s work in 2022. Elections took place in New York on Wednesday, 8 December.
Membership in the commission affirms Latvia’s growing role in UN’s efforts to ensure stability and peace in regions in crisis, the ministry adds.
By participating in the commission’s work, Latvia will stress the importance of enhancing institutions in situations after conflicts. This includes improving management, media literacy, education and digital literacy, women’s and youngsters’ inclusion, as well as sharing Latvia’s good management examples.
Considering Latvia’s planned participation in the commission, the Cabinet of Ministers has affirmed the contribution of the Ministry of Defence in the UN Peacebuilding Fund – EUR 20 000.
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The UN Peacebuilding Commission was founded in 2005. The commission’s objective is providing aid to countries suffering from conflicts. The commission provides assistance to countries after the end of UN missions of peace, helping countries maintain a course for peace, stability and development and prevent repetition of armed conflicts. To ensure success, the commission involves other international institutions, NGOs and civil society representatives to ensure an inclusive platform with a comprehensive approach to resolve problematic situations.
In 2020 the commission discussed situations in 15 countries and regions in this format. The commission also performs its advisory function to the UN Security Council and General Assembly to promote a consequent approach in UN peacebuilding efforts.
There are 31 countries represented in the UN Peacebuilding Commission. Latvia was elected from the UN Economic and Social Council.