Kiev calls on West to deter new aggression against Ukraine; Russia perplexed

Speaking about Russia’s troop build-up near its border with Ukraine, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has called on allies in the West to act against potential aggression. Russia, however, evaluates that the discussion has been caused by Washington and London, news agencies Ukrinform and TASS report.
In an online press conference with foreign journalists on Monday, November 29, Kuleba said that Russia could choose the worst-case scenario of an aggression in the near time. The Ukrainian Foreign Minister linked this to Ukraine’s key European partners, Germany and France, being focused on their domestic affairs.
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To avoid another military conflict in Ukraine, Kuleba called on the country’s western partners to prove that Moscow was wrong, offering a package of deterrence measures that would work at three levels: political, economic and security, Ukrinform reports.
Russia blames US and UK for causing panic
Moscow, however, has dismissed statements of potential nearing aggression as unfounded and caused by diplomats of the US and the UK. Russian state news agency TASS reports than on Tuesday, November 30, the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service said in a statement that they were trying to trigger panic «by further manipulations with false claims about a forthcoming full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine and subsequent occupation of the Ukrainian territory».