JKP names multiple potential candidates for European Parliament elections

Among the leaders of the New Conservative Party (JKP) for next year’s European Parliament (EP) elections are singer and Onkoalianse activist Evita Zālīte-Grosa, Vice-Mayor of Ķekava Andris Vītols and Rezekne County Council deputy, Bez PVN group member Guntis Rasims, the party reports.
The party’s list will also include TV show and social network activist Margarita Kolosova from Latgale.
Previously the party did say that the first three spots on its list of candidates would be reserved for former ministers Tālis Linkaits and Gatis Eglītis, as well as social network activist Liāna Langa.
JKP stands in favour of a change of generations in Latvia’s representation in the European Parliament. According to the party, “MEPs for life” is not in Latvia’s best interests, because “MEPs from Latvia that have been in the European Parliament for 20 years have allowed the creation of an enormous bureaucratic apparatus in Latvia, “green course” nonsense with a negative impact on the economy and mandatory third country immigrant quotas for Latvia,” the party criticises Latvia’s current MEPs.
JKP believes Roberts Zīle’s extensive knowledge of the energy field failed to protect Latvia from annual dependence on Russian gas and higher energy prices in the Nordic region. Latvia also failed to secure long-term financing for Rail Baltica project’s construction in Latvia, which puts at risk Latvia’s budget and state debt. Sandra Kalniete, on the other hand, has not fought properly for the positions of the Latvian language in the Latvian public space and the creation of a communist court on a European scale, competitors are criticized by the JKP.
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