Italy imposes Covid certificate requirement to all workers

Introducing one of EU’s strictest Covid-19 rules, Italy requires from Friday, October 15, all workers in the country to present one of the three Covid-19 certificates. In the country, where the vaccination rate is quite high, the government seeks to motivate people to vaccinate, while trade unions and businesses envisage disruption, strikes and effects on social stability, British media organisation SkyNews reports.
Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s cabinet adopted the rule in mid-September. It will require all workers to show either proof of vaccination, a negative test within the previous 48 hours, or recent recovery from infection. From Friday, the Covid-19 certificate is mandatory and applies to public and private workplaces. It not complied with, both employees and employers risk fines.
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The southern EU member state already requires the documents to enter museums, theatres, gyms and indoor restaurants, as well as to take long-distance trains and buses or domestic flights.
The strict rule has resulted in big protests in Rome, with some demonstrators turning violent and clashing with police on Saturday, October 14, SkyNews report. According to the European Vaccination Information Portal of the EU, 78.7% of Italy’s adult population has been fully vaccinated against Covid-19, so the vast majority of Italians have a certificate to prove their immunity.