Italy arrests Catalan MEP wanted by Spain over 2017 independence vote

In Italy, the former head of government of the Spanish region of Catalonia, now member of the European Parliament Carles Puigdemont has been arrested in relation being wanted for involvement in the 2017 Catalan independence vote, British public broadcaster BBC reports.
The exiled politician living in Belgium has been arrested in Sardinia, Italy. Police were apparently waiting for him at Sardinia’s Alghero airport and he is due in court in the coming hours. Carles Puigdemont had travelled to the Mediterranean island for a Catalan folklore festival, his lawyer said. A judge on the Italian island will have to decide whether he should be released or extradited.
The Spanish government commented in a statement: «The arrest of Mr Puigdemont corresponds to an ongoing judicial procedure that applies to any EU citizen who has to answer to the courts.»
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Carles Puigdemont is wanted by Spain on allegations of sedition and embezzlement following Catalonia’s attempt to gain independence in 2017 in a referendum which Spain’s central government ruled to be constitutionally illegal.