Internal Security Bureau requests criminal prosecution of State Police official

The Internal Security Bureau (IDB) has submitted to the Prosecution Office for Investigation of Public Office Holders Misconduct Offences materials of a criminal process with a request to commence criminal prosecution of an official of State Police (VP) Riga Regional Branch for disclosing non-disclosable information that is on an official secret, as reported by IDB.
Evidence was acquired during the pre-trial investigation, indicating the VP official in question used their access to information databases to acquire information regarding criminal proceedings involving an acquaintance of theirs and had this information leaked to them.

As a result of this information leak, it became more difficult to acquire evidence to accomplish the goal of criminal proceedings in question.

The VP official in question was put under security measures that do not involve deprivation of freedom. The official is also suspended for the duration of proceedings.
In the first nine months of 2022 IDB commenced 35 criminal proceedings and performed pre-trial investigation in 113 criminal processes, the bureau reports.