Intensive snowing expected in Latvia this weekend; rain to come next week

So far in March weather has been snowy and windy. More snowing is expected this weekend, warns Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.
At times snowing will be strong and the layer of snow will increase further.
Thaw is expected in eastern parts of the country. This means roads will be slippery! Snowing will be accompanied by strong wind, bringing a blizzard along. Next week will start off with intense precipitation. At the same time, weather will become warmer.
On Friday afternoon the amount of clouds will start going up again. Some snowing is expected as well. The wind will be slow to moderate and will blow from the south-east and east. Air temperature will reach 0° C… -5° C.

Saturday will bring sharp weather changes,

because an active cyclone will approach Latvia from the south-west, bringing unstable weather. As the amount of clouds increases, some snowing is expected in south-eastern regions.
The precipitation zone will cross the entire country during the day, bringing snow. In eastern regions there will also be wet snow, rain and thaw. Roads will be slippery, especially in eastern parts of the country, where rain and thaw will cause ice on the ground. Snowing will also worsen visibility. Minimal air temperature at night will be -3° C… -7° C (-9° C in north-east parts of the country). Daytime air temperature will rise to +1° C… -4° C (+3° C in south-eastern regions).
On Sunday, as clouds and precipitation zones part, there will be cloudy and sunny weather. It will snow in most of the country. At night there will be wet snow and rain in eastern parts. A blizzard is expected as well

Roads will be slippery!

At night air temperature may drop to -3° C… -8° C (-1° C… -3° C along the coast). Maximum air temperature during the day may reach 0° C… -3° C.
At the start of next week and the middle of the week meteorologists predict a wide cyclone. More precipitation is expected. Additionally, as warmer masses of air flow to the country and air temperature rises above 0° C, snow will be replaced with wet snow and rain.
However, colder masses of air will return later. Snow will return as well. At times precipitation will be intense.
In the second half of next week atmospheric pressure may increase again. This may cause precipitation to calm down for a couple of days. Air temperature at night is expected to drop below -10° C, whereas daytime air temperature may stay at -3° C… +3° C.