Intelligence reports suggest Russia is preparing a blockade of Ukrainian ports

The Russian Black Sea fleet is taking positions to blockade Ukrainian ports, according to the latest report from the British military intelligence service.
The Sergei Kotov corvette of the Russian war fleet is already patrolling the route between the Bosphorus Strait and Odessa, as reported by the British intelligence on Wednesday, the 26th of July.

“There is a realistic possibility that it will form part of a task group to intercept commercial vessels Russia believes are heading to Ukraine,” the report mentions.

Last week Russia quit the international “grain deal”, which guaranteed safe passage in the Black Sea to ships carrying Ukrainian grain.

This means that after the end of the “grain deal” there are risks of the armed conflict in the Black Sea becoming larger and more intense, the British report mentions.

“The UK believes that Russia may escalate its campaign to destroy Ukraine’s food exports by targeting civilian ships in the Black Sea,” warns Britain’s Foreign Secretary James Cleverly.
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