Infectologist says healthcare sector might overload if new restrictions are imposed no sooner than October

Adoption of new epidemiological restriction from 11 October onward, which is something Latvia’s government decided on 28 September, will lead overloading of the healthcare system, University of Latvia professor and infectologist Uga Dumpis wrote on Twitter.
He believes adoption of restrictions from 11 October onward means overload for the healthcare system. It would also cause very serious consequences for patients and healthcare workers, who are already on the brink of burnout.
«It is hard to understand why all three Baltic States have decided to pick the same scenario when victory was so close,» comments the infectologist.
As previously reported, on Tuesday, 28 September, Latvia’s government passed new regulations for Covid-19 containment. These new regulations will replace the existing epidemiological rules and regulations.
The new rules simplify epidemiological regulations to make them more comprehensible while also maintaining the requirement for compulsory vaccination for representatives of select professions. New rules also expand the number of services open only to owners of Covid-19 vaccination certificates or negative tests.
A total of 1 203 new Covid-19 infection cases were found in Latvia in the last 24 hours. 985 of the patients were either not vaccinated or have not yet completed their vaccination course. 218 new patients were vaccinated, however.
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