In Kabul, one more terror attack prevented, according to US

In the Afghan capital Kabul, the US military has carried out a drone attack on a potential suicide bomber, preventing an airport bomb threat, British broadcaster BBC quoted US military personnel as saying.
On Sunday, August 29, US military’s Capt Bill Urban of Central Command stated that the US had carried out a targeted drone strike aimed at «eliminating an imminent» threat to Kabul airport.
«We are confident we successfully hit the target,» Capt Urban noted, adding: «Secondary explosions from the vehicle indicated the presence of a substantial amount of explosive material.» The strike targeted a vehicle carrying at least one person associated with the Islamic State Khorasan Province terror group and there are no reports of civilian casualties, Capt Urban stated.
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A bomb attack at Kabul airport last Thursday killed as many as 170 people, including 13 US troops. The Islamic State Khorasan Province terror group later claimed responsibility for the blasts, BBC reports.