In Ireland, 1 000 passengers miss flights over long queues

In Ireland’s busiest airport over 1 000 passengers have missed their flights during long queues to security checks, British public broadcaster BBC reports.
The Dublin Airport is the 12th busiest airport in Europe operated by the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) and on Sunday, May 29, it expected around 50 000 departing passengers. With two lanes of security checks one per each terminal the staff has apparently been unable to screen the high number of travellers quickly enough.
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«We’re conscious that we let ourselves and we let the nation down yesterday, and we certainly don’t want to repeat of that on our watch this week,» the DAA’s Kevin Cullinane stated that anyone who was out of pocket as a result of Sunday’s queues would be reimbursed as quickly as possible.
On Monday morning, extra security lanes opened early at the airport to facilitate the anticipated early arrival of passengers for flights. The Irish government criticised the airport for the Sunday events and a member of government got involved to solve the situation, BBC reports.