In clashes on Polish-Belarusian border, nine Polish officers injured

With the stand-off continuing on the Polish-Belarusian border between several thousand migrants and a large number of Polish police and troops, migrants have thrown stones to the Polish side injuring nine people, Polish state broadcaster Polskie Radio reports.
The stand-off turned into distance clashes on Tuesday, November 16, at the Kuznica border crossing, with migrants trying to damage the border fence and barbed-wire structures as well as throwing stones at the Polish forces. The, in turn, responded with water cannons and tear gas, videos from the Polish Ministry of Defence showed.
A Polish policeman was rushed to a hospital with a suspected fractured skull after being «hit by an object,» officials stated.
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Six more officers, including one policewoman, suffered less serious injuries after being hit by rocks and other objects thrown from across the border, according to the Polish police force. The «migrant attack» was mostly staged by «young, aggressive men,» the Polish Defence Ministry tweeted, Polskie Radio reports.
The clashes unfolded on Poland’s eastern border with Belarus, with thousands of migrants seeking to cross illegally into the EU country. Alexander Lukashenko in Minsk has repeatedly denied orchestrating or supporting the current migrant influx to the EU neighbours of Belarus.