In a year’s time Businessmen for Peace gather donations for Ukraine worth six million euros

The Businessmen for Peace foundation reports that two hundred representatives of various fields have gathered donations worth more than six million euros since the start of the Russian-Ukrainian war.
«To stop Putin, we need every donation – money, generators, equipment for troops – and everything that helps Ukrainians be stronger than orcs,» said Kristofs Blaus, one of the founders of Nutrameg company and a board member of Businessmen for Peace.

The declared priority of this organisation is strengthening the army.

More than 70% of donations collected by this fund are used to supply Ukrainian troops with equipment. Donations were used to purchase more than 130 cars, 160 drones, 130 generators, 430 radios, 12 000 batteries, 1 000 pairs of footwear and other clothes, as well as several thousand tonnes of various food products.
«More more than a year I’ve been in depression from the treacherous attack on Ukraine. Unfortunately, this is how the death of Communism looks. This always happens when gopniks are in power. They try to remake the world in accordance to their concepts. This war has shown me who is who, and I am deeply saddened that many people are watching this gutsy, drunk, self-satisfied armed man tears off a newborn’s arms and legs, so to speak. Germans didn’t know about the horrors of Auschwitz until 1945. I’m afraid of what we could find out about the crimes committed by Putin’s regime,» says the owner of Gaujas koks LLC Vitālijs Čmihovs.
Dobeles dzirnavnieks board chairman Kristaps Amsils: «Dobeles dzirnavnieks sent its first donation – two full trucks with more than 40 tonnes of our products – to Ukraine on the 3rd of March 2022. Since then we’ve been making donations regularly, and we are committed to continuing this for as long as necessary. We have also provide accommodation to nearly 20 Ukrainian refugees. […] I believe all of us together are a major power and we can help Ukraine win in this merciless war!»
Any Latvian company or private person can become a supporter of the Businessmen for Peace fund by making a money transfer to its account, by donating to the No Victory Without You project’s page or Mobilly app.
A survey carried out by Norstat this January showed that

64% of respondents aged 18 to 74 years are prepared to donate to Ukraine.

This survey was attended by 1 011 Latvian residents.
Of the respondents who would like to donate money to Ukraine, 56% want to donate to families and civilians, 36% want to support the country that is fighting for its independence by donating to support Ukraine’s defence and the military.
The Businessmen for Peace foundation’s official partners include Latvian Ministry of Defence, National Armed Forces, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Latvian embassy in Ukraine, Ukrainian embassy in Latvia,, Twitter convoy, Tavi draugi and other organisations.
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