Heavy blizzard expected in Latvia on Monday and Tuesday; roads to become slippery

The central and eastern regions of Latvia will experience heavy snowfall and blizzard on the 29th and 30th of November. Roads will become slippery and other driving conditions will become more difficult, as reported by Latvian State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.
On Monday, 29 November, a cyclone will approach Latvia from the south. It will bring both snow, gradual drop of air temperature, stronger wind and blizzard.
On top of that roads will become icy and slippery in eastern regions in the evening on Monday and the night to Tuesday.
Driving conditions will not be affected in Kurzeme’s western parts.
Yellow level warning is issued for Monday and the night to Tuesday in Latvia’s central and eastern regions. In Latgale it is expected for the level of snow to increase by 10 cm – orange level warning is in effect.
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On Monday evening and the night to Tuesday the wind will pick up in strength and turn into a blizzard. Visibility during snowfall and blizzard will drop to 100 – 500 m.
General guidelines for orange level warning:
BE PREPARED for heavy snowfall and blizzard may disrupt road, railway and air traffic. Pedestrian traffic and outdoor activities may be severely impacted as well. Snow drifts will from and visibility will be low. Residents are urged to be very careful when travelling on roads.
Meteorologists note that eastern regions are under yellow level warning. Roads are icy and slippery. Icy rain is also expected, which means ice may form on power lines, trees and other surfaces.
There is a possibility of yellow warning changing to orange warning. The situation is being observed by authorities and information will be updated as the situation changes.