Heating tariff in Riga may increase by another 6.7% come spring next year

From 1 March 2022 onward the heating tariff of JSC Rīgas siltums may increase by another 6.7%, according to the official entry in the Latvian Herald.
From 1 November 2021 clients of JSC Rīgas siltums pay 66.76 EUR/MWh for heating energy. From 1 March 2022 the price will be 71.22 EUR/MWh.
According to JSC Rīgas siltums, tariff changes are related to the rapid rise of energy resource prices and the end of the support payments from the state to the heating hub Imanta.
The heating tariff in Riga has increased twice already during this heating tariff. Compared to the previous tariff, it increased 26.6% on 1 September and on 1 November it increased by another 16.5%.
This means the tariff has increased 47.5% or EUR 21.49 this autumn.
JSC Rīgas siltums is one of the main heating service providers in Riga. It provides heating energy production, transmission and sale. It also provides maintenance of heating energy users’ internal heating systems. 77% of the company’s supplied heating energy is used to warm homes and boil water. The total length of the heating network is about 825 km, 85% which is owned by the company.
49% of the company’s capital is owned by Riga City Council, 48.99% is owned by the Latvian state and 2% – by LLC Enerģijas risinājumi. JSC Latvenergo owns 0.005% of shares.