Heads of churches in Latvia support Covid-19 vaccination; promise to invite community members to vaccinate

Latvian Ministry of Justice has received affirmation from heads of churches in the country that they support Covid-19 vaccination, as confirmed by the ministry.
Leaders of religious organizations in Latvia told the ministry they are committed to taking a more active stance on Covid-19 vaccination and that they will urge members of their communities to be responsible for their and other people’s health and safety.
On Monday, 11 October, the Minister of Justice Jānis Bordāns called a meeting of the Religious Affairs Advisory Council to discuss the restrictions put into place during the state of emergency and necessary actions to prevent the spread of Covid-19.
The minister said: «So far religious organizations have been some of the most responsible when it comes to respecting epidemiological restrictions imposed in the country. The church has helped many people by serving as an example and continuing an active dialogue with members of the community in this difficult time. I am truly grateful to religious organizations fr their contribution in the fight against Covid-19.»
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Heads of religious organizations are prepared to work together with the rest of society and affirm their readiness to promote the importance of vaccination to help residents understand the benefits of vaccination, says the minister.
During the talks with heads of churches in Latvia participants voiced an invitation for public media outlets to assist with explanations of the importance of vaccination and reach out to residents to motivate them to vaccinate.