Harmony political party suggests liquidating third vice-mayor seat in Riga

Latvian political party Harmony has suggested liquidating the third vice-mayor position at Riga City Council. This move would help save EUR 200 000 of the municipality’s budget, the party claims.
The party suggests making this decision because one of the vice-mayors of Riga – Edvards Smiltēns – was elected to the 14th Saeima, and the party believes having three vice-mayors has more in common with «political parties’, not residents’ interests».

Harmony also stresses that for years there was only one vice-mayor in Riga.

According to the party, by reducing the number of vice-mayors it will be possible to save budget, because in 2021 the amount spent on the vice-mayor’s wage was EUR 3 281 a month and EUR 48 857 annually.
«By reducing the number of vice-mayors at Riga City Council it will not be necessary to divert funding towards the vice-mayor’s office head, advisors and rapporteurs,» the party reported, adding that termination of these five jobs would help save approximately EUR 150 000 for the city council’s budget.