Harmony co-chairperson: Rezekne mayor’s expulsion is a question of time

Chairman of Rezekne City Council Aleksandrs Bartaševičs will be excluded from Harmony political party, said the party’s co-chairperson Regīna Ločmele in an interview to LTV programme Rīta panorāma on Thursday, the 2nd of February.
This decision is already made by the three co-chairmen of the party and the board. It came as a response to Bartaševičs’ position about the party and the statements in which he discredited the party.
«Bartaševičs’ expulsion is a question of time,» explained the politician.
The leader of the municipality will be excluded from Harmony because the party spotted violations of its statutes in his latest public address to the media. According to Harmony, Bartaševičs discredited the party and lied about his inability to attend the party’s congress. «Saying that the congress did not address the reasons for the party’s defeat in the last Saeima election and assistance to people during the crisis – is nothing but lies. No one should degrade themselves to using lies,» explained the politician.
She also said that Bartaševič’s invitation to ignore last week’s congress of Harmony party, whch he signed together with leaders of two of the party’s regional organisations did not find much support among the party’s members in Rezekne and Ludza. Additionally, the party also received applications from new candidates. Now the party intends to call up all members to learn of their opinion of this situation.
If Bartaševičs is excluded from the party, Harmony will lose its last «bastion of power», because last week Mayor of Daugavpils Andrejs Elksniņš announced his decision to leave Harmony and plans to found a new regional political party.
Last year Harmony failed to get elected to the Saeima. Before then the party lost its ruling position in Riga City Council.
After the failure in Saeima elections, Harmony decided to entrust management over the party to three co-chairmen. These include MEP Nils Ušakovs, Saeima deputy Regīna Ločmele and Riga City Council member Andris Morozovs. A new board was elected during the congress.
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