Happy birthday, Latvia!

Raise the red-white-red flag! Yes, right now – before the sun rises and while the world around you is still gloomy and grey. Raise the red-white-red flag of the Republic of Latvia!
Light candles, congratulate your neighbours, friends and acquaintances, post beautiful photos and read Jānis Jaunsudrabiņš’s poetry about Latvia, because she celebrates her 103rd birthday today!
This is a truly wonderful holiday. Everyone is invited to sing lyrics from Latvia’s national anthem: «Dievs, svētī Latviju!» [God, bless Latvia!].
Residents and visitors to Latvia are invited to express gratitude for everything good in this country and continue building and developing it so that Latvia is able to bloom. It is every person’s contribution that helps lift Latvia.
Today with all red-white-red pastries, ribbons, flags and songs Latvia celebrates the event that took place at Riga City Second Theatre on 18 November 1918. That day marks the proclamation of the Republic of Latvia. People gathered that day. They believed Latvian residents deserve their own country where they can life and prosper.
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