Germany’s Scholz criticises EU countries for “insufficient” military support to Ukraine

On Monday, the 8th of January, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz stressed that most European Union (EU) countries are not providing enough military support to Ukraine to help in its fight against Russia. With US military aid to Ukraine facing obstacles in the US Congress, Scholz stressed that Europe must step up its efforts, reaffirming Germany’s commitment to support Ukraine for as long as necessary, reports Reuters.
Although previously criticised for not providing enough aid, Germany is now one of the biggest contributors of both arms and financial assistance,

doubling its military aid to Ukraine to eight billion euros in 2024.

Scholz has stressed that Germany’s contribution alone will not be enough to ensure Ukraine’s long-term security.
He called on EU countries to increase their military aid to Ukraine, adding that “the planned arms deliveries to Ukraine by many EU countries are not sufficient,” said Reuters citing a press conference.
Scholz said Berlin had asked the EU to question member states about their planned supplies, as not all details might be known.
Chancellor Olaf Scholz also expressed confidence that the EU would reach an agreement on a proposed 50 billion euro aid package for Ukraine, previously opposed by Hungary, at an upcoming emergency summit scheduled for the 1st of February.
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