Germany thanks Merkel for 16 years as Chancellor

In Berlin, an honouring ceremony at the occasion of Chancellor Angela Merkel leaving office has been held. From the second week of December, Olaf Sholz is expected to take over at the helm of the German federal government, Reuters news agency reports.
On Thursday, December 2, the Großer Zapfenstreich ceremony, scaled down due to Covid-19 restrictions, the Germany Army’s staff music corps played a church hymn, a 1960s song that includes the words «I can’t acquiesce, can’t make do, I still want to win» and a 1970s punk rock song from the times of East Germany.
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After 16 years in office, the Christian Democrat is due to be replaced as Chancellor by Social Democrat Olaf Scholz next week, when her party will go into Bundestag opposition.
Merkel, 67, has navigated Germany and the EU through multiple crises and been a champion of liberal democracy, during tendencies of authoritarianism in the EU and beyond. Merkel’s critics assess that the long-standing politician has managed rather than solved pressing issues and leaves her successor tough decisions on many areas, Reuters reports.