Frosty weather will remain in Latvia on weekend; warmer weather expected next week

Although the week started off with intense snowing in Kurzeme and Vidzeme, in the past couple of days there hasn’t been much snowing in Latvia. Similar weather conditions will remain on the weekend – it will snow every now and then and air temperature will not yet climb above 0° C.
Next week cyclone activity will increase in Latvia. Warmer masses of air will flow to the country from the west. Air temperature will go up and precipitation will come back.
Meteorologists say weather will be cloudy and it will snow every now and then on the weekend. The wind will blow from the south-east. The night to Saturday, the 9th of December, will be cold, as air temperature will drop to -10° C… -15° C (a couple of degrees warmer in western parts of the country). Maximum daytime air temperature will reach -3° C… -8° C. Similar weather will remain on Sunday night. Daytime air temperature will reach 0° C at times.
It will become warmer next week – daytime air temperature will rise above 0° C at times. Motorists are urged to be doubly careful, because under such conditions roads may become iced over and slippery. Precipitation is expected every now and then – snow and wet snow.
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