Friday promises temperature records in Latvia; residents should prepare umbrellas for weekend

The end of the week will be hot in Latvia! New temperature records are expected on the 22nd of September, as reported by Latvian State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.
Meteorologists remind – even though there was plenty of rain in the first half of the week, days remained warm. At times air temperature exceeded +20° C. So far seven Latvian meteorological observation stations have recorded the start of meteorological autumn. Other stations still observe meteorological summer, which is expected to continue on Saturday, when astronomical autumn is expected to start.
Normally meteorological autumn comes to Latvia at the end of August. It does come later to coastal areas – around the start of September.
Resident should get umbrellas ready on the weekend, as meteorologists predict a lot of rain. It will become slightly colder because of the precipitation. Nevertheless, in the second half of next week air temperature will still rise above +20° C.
Though meteorologists predict new temperature peaks, they also add that

on Friday air temperature will reach +17° C… +21° C.

In the south-east air temperature will still reach +21° C… +24° C.
On Saturday and Sunday the amount of clouds will be volatile and some areas will likely experience precipitation. At night some areas – mainly in the east – will have rainfall. However, the intensity of precipitation will not be as high as Saturday. The wind will blow from the south-west and west and will be slow (moderate along the coast). As colder masses of air flow in from the west, minimal air temperature at night will be at +12° C… +16° C, whereas daytime air temperature will not exceed +16° C… +19° C.
Next week weather is expected to be dry. Minimal air temperature at night on Monday and Tuesday will drop to +6° C… +10° C. Daytime air temperature will not exceed +21° C.
Starting with the middle of the week, however, air temperature will start going up again. Minimal air temperature at night will not exceed +10° C, whereas daytime air temperature is expected at +18° C… +23° C.