For Stability! party to ask VDD to investigate information leak about their members

On Wednesday, 19 October, political party For Stability! turned to the Staet Security Service (VDD) with a request to investigate how information about deputies elected to the 14th Saeima ended up in mass media, as conformed by the party’s leader Aleksejs Rosļikovs outside the State Police headquarters in Čiekurkalns.
He said that the government formation process is stuck and the party has reason to believe the parties forming the coalition want to bring back the old order. For Stability! believes these parties want to force the opposition to vote their way.
In its request to VDD, the political party asks investigating what happened to the party in the past two weeks.

The party believes the top brass of State Police are involved in deeply political processes and are trying to influence the party with their actions.

«Currently it is clear that classified information leaks to the mass media – information about people leaks from databases, and the heads of State Police do not seem at all interested. How was this information leaked and why hasn’t State Police commenced an investigation?» asked the politician.
Rosļikovs claims that State Police is trying to take over law enforcement institutions from the legislator, putting at risk security of the state.
This is why the party hopes VDD will investigate how classified information about a possible Saeima deputy was leaked to the mass media, as this is a crime.

The classified information in question concerns Gloria Grevcova and another deputy whos name Rosļikovs, but it is likely it was Dmitrijs Kovaļenko.

«In the given moment we can see that one ruling party, perhaps their people, are trying to show that they have their own prosecutor and their own police officer. This means they can force anyone elected to the parliament work as they see fit,» said Rosļikovs.
Rosļikovs also claimed that data leaks were committed by the Central Election Commission (CVK) as well.
In conclusion of the request the politician reported that he is prepare to defend his good name in a court of law, but so far none of his party’s deputies elected to the 14th Saeima have plans to step down.
The State Police has submitted the criminal case regarding Gloria Grevcova reporting false information to CVK. The criminal procedure was commenced on 7 October.
TV3 News previously reported that the future deputy of the Saeima had lied about her job.
Additionally, she lied to CVK about her education. This was confirmed by Latvian Academy of Sport Education.
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