Five Czech parties reach coalition agreement, but no one there to nominate PM

In the Czech Republic, after the October parliamentary election, five political parties have reached an agreement on forming a new majority coalition and government. Meanwhile, Czech President Miloš Zeman remains in hospital delaying the nomination of the next prime minister, British news portal The Guardian reports.
On Tuesday, November 2, Petr Fiala, the Civic Democrats chairman and prospective prime minister, stated that the parties have agreed on distribution of government posts among them. However, the liberal-conservative politician did not name the individual candidates. «We have gone through a long, whole day, but also successful negotiations,» Fiala said at a televised briefing after talks which lasted more than 12 hours. «We reached an agreement on our coalition treaty, we have also agreed on our coalition agenda.»
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The parties, grouped in two coalitions, won 108 seats in the 200-seat lower chamber of parliament in the October 8-9 election, beating the current prime minister Andrej Babis, whose key allies were ousted from the parliament. A key objective for the forming coalition is the state of public finances, hit by the pandemic and measures meant to tame it, as well as generous spending by the outgoing government which raised pensions and state employees wages, while it pushed through large tax cuts.
It could take some time to actually form the government, as the key player, president Miloš Zeman, has been hospitalised since October 10, with next to no information on his condition, The Guardian reports.