Finland reaches cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 9%

As the Nordic countries are actively seeking to reduce their air pollution with emissions of gases harmful to the climate, Finland has in the year 2020 reached a cut in its greenhouse gas emissions by nine percent, Finnish public broadcaster YLE reports.
Finland is determined politically to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% from 1990 levels by 2050.
The preliminary data on the year 2020 published on Thursday, December 16, by Statistics Finland show that the total emissions for 2020 are also 32 percent lower than the emissions recorded in 1990. Compared to 2019, Finland’s total greenhouse gas emissions for 2020 dropped by 9% to 48.1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide.
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Statisticians explained the by a warm winter, as well as by structural changes in electricity production and a decrease in transportation traffic. The country’s key air polluter, the energy sector, recorded a reduction of 11% in emissions compared to 2019. «It is promising, and I would say that nine percent is not huge, it’s not unprecedented but it is really good,» senior statistician Sini Niinistö at the institution explained, adding that there has been a clear downward trend since 2003, YLE reports.