Expert: I am ashamed for doctors who refuse to vaccinate

«I am greatly ashamed of my colleagues. I am deeply ashamed for their behaviour,» said gastroenterologist Anatolijs Danilāns and professor of Riga Stradins University’s Internal Medicine Department in an interview to TV24.
«This is embarrassing for all Latvian medical workers. Our medicine is so bad, but I have to ask why doctors refuse to vaccinate?’ says the professor. He believes doctors have to set an example. ‘Don’t joke around – set an example!»
Looking at the situation with Covid-19 infections in Latgale, the expert allowed the «locals don’t listen to numbers» and how many people get infected and die from the infection every day, so the role of doctors is that much more important.
Addressing doctors in Daugavpils, the professor noted that all doctors in Latvia know Latvian language, so there shouldn’t be a language barrier. «Vaccinate as quickly as possible, otherwise you’re all egoists. You say: ‘I won’t get infected!’. Those are disgusting words,» says the doctor.
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Danilāns points to the fact that non-vaccinated people contribute to the spread of the virus.
If Daugavpils sees an enormous number of non-vaccinated people, the virus will continue spreading. I predict, says the professor, another wave will come, the biggest one so far.
He also urges pregnant women to not fear vaccination, because it will benefit both the mother and the child if the mother gets infected.