Ex-Ventspils mayor still hopes for 100 000 euros compensation from Latvia for his time in prison

Former Mayor of Ventspils Aivars Lembergs, who is accused of various crimes of corruption, has submitted a cassation complaint to challenge the ruling of the Administrative Regional Court that rejected his case against the state on the enforcement of EUR 100 000 compensation from the state for the damage caused to his health during his time in prison, as LETA was told by the court.
Now the Supreme Court will need to decide on the initiation of cassation proceedings.
Previously Lembergs appealed the ruling of the Administrative District Court with which his case was rejected.
The court of first instance had previously found that that during his stay in Riga Central Prison, Lembergs was provided a booster shot of Janssen Covid-19 vaccine. Lembergs refused to take it, so the court of law concluded that he was provided with an appropriate minimum of healthcare.
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As for the epidemiological safety measures employed by Riga Central Prison, the court concluded they were balanced in accordance to Covid-19 risks at the time.

The court did not see any illegalities in actions of Riga Central Prison’s administration in relation to this topic.

As previously reported, in his case, Lembergs asked the court to declare as unlawful the actions of Riga Central Prison administration, compensate him the damages and provide a written public apology. Lembergs turned to court about the time he spent in prison after Riga Regional Court sentenced him to a five-year prison sentence on the 22nd of February 2021, confiscation of property and a EUR 20 000 fine. Lembergs was arrested in the courtroom after the reading of the verdict.
Lembergs claims he turned to court over his health problems because, according to him, he was not provided with appropriate medical care in prison.
BNN previously reported that the former chairman of Ventspils City Council us accused of extorting 20% of capital shares worth EUR 20 275 in Puses LLC from Valentīns Kokalis and 26 shares in Multinord AG worth EUR 14 797 from Ainārs Gulbis. Lembergs is also accused of extorting 12 shares in Multinord AG worth EUR 7 359 from Gulbis, as well as 30 shares in Ventk Company Limited worth EUR 17 672 from Gulbis.
Aivars Lembergs is also accused of extorting 2 130 capital shares of Lat Transnafta LLC from its members: Man-Tess LLC, SWH Riga Zürich AG, Naftas Parks – 100 JSC, AS Banka Baltija and Vladimirs Krastiņš. He is also accused of forging a document and then registering a forged document as chairman of Ventspils City Council in 1996.
The prosecution also accuses Aivars Lembergs, Anrijs Lembergs and Ansis Sormulis of organising money laundering – a total of EUR 6 996 118 between the end of 1999 and July 2006.
Between December 1999 and April 2000, Aivars Lembergs, with the support of his son Anrijs and Sormulis, facilitated and unlawfully participated in the property transaction – namely, ensured income in the form of profit percentages from the Freeport of Ventspils authority, where Aivars Lembergs was Chairman of the Board at that time, for himself Netherfin Financial Services B.V. owned by his children. The material wealth acquired this way reaches no less than EUR 802 413.
Also, during the period from January to March 2003, the Chairman of Ventspils City Council with the support of another person involved initiated and illegally participated in the property transaction – namely, ensured a percentage of the profit for Netherfin Financial Services B.V. from the aforementioned Ventspils Free Port authority. Aivars Lembergs acquired no less than EUR 180 312 from this.
The prosecution also states that between December 1999 and April 2000, Aivars Lembergs abused his position for a selfish purposes and participated in an unauthorized transaction. During the period between January and March 2003, the chairman of Ventspils City Council abused his position for selfish purposes and participated in an unauthorized transaction.
According to the prosecution, Aivars Lembergs as Ventspils City Council deputy and Ventspils Freeport board member performed his duties in a conflict of interest by participating in a total of 330 decision-making procedures during meetings in Ventspils City Council and Ventspils Freeport authority.
Aivars Lembergs was also accused of stating false information in official declarations for nine years in a row, without indicating the ownership of shares in 29 companies registered abroad.
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