Ex-Minister of Economics of Latvia accused of bribery

Ex-Minister of Economics and Saeima deputy Ralfs Nemiro is accused of bribery, according to the politician.
Nemiro denies any guilt and stresses there are no signs of criminal acts in his actions.
Nemiro told LETA that he has had a talk with Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) and he is now a person involved in a criminal process.
Because he signed a non-disclosure agreement, he is not able to provide detailed comments of the case.
Pietiek.com portal reports that KNAB commenced a criminal procedure against Nemiro in accordance with Part 2 of Section 323 of the Criminal Law: giving or offering of bribes, that is, material values, properties or benefits of other nature, or promising the bribe if requested, in person or through intermediaries to a public official in order that he or she, using his or her official position, would perform or fail to perform some act, irrespective of whether the bribe given, offered or promised is for this public official or for any other person if committed on a large scale or if they have been committed by a public official, or if they have been committed by a group of persons according to a prior agreement.
The portal allows the criminal procedure may have been commenced over «everyday political market» – politicians agreeing on candidates for posts. KNAB, the portal allows, may consider such acts as bribery.
The situation may be related to the political power switch in Dobele municipality, with Dobele municipal council deputy Māris Feldmanis (KPV LV) being promised the position of the council chairman in some conversation with Union of Greens and Farmers representatives Uldis Augulis, Viktors Valainis, as well as Nemiro and Feldmanis.
The politician stresses that political agreements are a normal part of politics in Latvia, adding that PM Krišjānis Kariņš and President Egils Levits were elected this way. Nemiro doubts this situation meets the definition of bribery or a crime.
When asked about the aforementioned conversation in the Saeima, the politician said political meetings take place «all the time».
LTV programme Panorāma reported in the evening on 7 October that KNAB commenced a criminal procedure against two Saeima deputies in relation to political trading of posts in Dobele, where management was replaced this week.
The criminal process is launched against Nemiro and a member of the Union of Greens and Farmers Saeima faction. Valainis told LTV that he is unable to comment if he is involved in the criminal process. Augulis called the entire situation foolish, claiming there as no political trade, rather coalition formation talks.
KNAB provides no comments.
Dobele municipal county board chairman Ivars Gorskis is not under investigation, according to both deputies.
Gorskis confirmed that he has spoken with KNAB officers. He did not, however, provide any comments on the situation as he has no right to do that. At the same time, the chairman of the city council said he has no information of him having any status in the aforementioned criminal process. «We actively cooperate with this institution. We hope this situation will be resolved in the nearest future,» said Gorskis.
Feldmanis has also met with KNAB officers. The member of the city council says he is unaware if he is a participant of the case.