Every person in Estonia helped country endure, Karis says in New Year address

Alar Karis has given his first New Year’s speech as the President of Estonia. Coming from the academic field, he focused his wishes for the year 2022 on learning, education, wisdom and the contribution of every Estonian to help the country endure in the Covid-19 crisis, public broadcaster ERR reports.
Here are some key fragments from the presidential address as quoted by ERR.
«In the past year, our spirits were lifted by the Olympic victory of Estonian fencers, Anett Kontaveit’s courageous matches, many small and large enterprises that kept the economy running and new unicorns among local start-ups. All of them have one thing in common: their brilliant result was the culmination of years of smart work and dedication – that is to say, it was achieved by following a formula that has given our small country a place among the best in the world in many walks of life, from classical music to science.»
«The light in one’s eyes, the willingness to learn and then learn some more, and persistence, but also good and dedicated teachers, lecturers, coaches, instructors and other supporters are all part of this formula. If we water the tree of education, we can harvest its fruit from every branch. Let this simple horticultural wisdom also be a guide for those who have been tasked with the quick and efficient improvement of higher education funding.»
«Will 2022 be easier? I do not know the answer to this. But I know that together we will make it. Every person has a role in our story of endurance. Medics, cashiers, schoolteachers, snowplow drivers, farmers, police officers and members of the Defense Forces, politicians and local government officials, volunteers… Every person in Estonia.»