Events, work and service availability in Latvia after 15 November

Once the tight quarantine in Latvia is over after 15 November, requirements for face-to-face work are planned to remain the same, said Minister of Health Daniels Pavļuts’ advisor Kaspars Bērziņš at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers.
He said it is planned to promote remote work opportunities, urge residents to wear protective masks and avoid crowding.
After 15 November the requirement to have a valid Covid-19 certificate will remain compulsory for public sector workers, state and social care workers, as well as other people who work in close contact with customers.
From 15 December onward, however, all people doing face-to-face jobs will need to have Covid-19 certificates.
At the same time, it may be possible to bring back the screening programme with self-tests at jobs, vaccinated people included. This programme may start with education and public sectors areas at risk the most.
Bērziņš also said that after 15 November, once the lockdown has ended, it is planned to keep in place a number of restrictions. Additionally, all services and events will be allowed to take place only in the «green regime».
He explained that it is planned to cancel the previous exceptions when services were allowed to be provided to non-vaccinated customers if the service provider was vaccinated and unsafe events are permitted to be provided outdoors only.
Exceptions that will remain in the «red regime» include postal services, public transports, financial services, photo documents, different repair services, public services, take-out catering services and accommodation services.
It is planned to permit only seated cultural events. Church service will be permitted only in the «green regime».