Eurozone’s fastest inflation last month seen in Estonia

In May, quick changes in consumer prices on year were noticed across the eurozone. Leading the list, however, are the Baltic states with Estonia’s 20,1%, Estonian public broadcaster ERR reports quoting a flash estimate by the EU’s statistics agency.
Eurostat estimated that the Eurozone inflation was 7.4% in April. Energy prices continued to have the largest effect in May, with the price increse there surging from 37.5% in April to 39.2% in May.
Prices of food, alcohol and tobacco grew more expensive by 7.5% in May, up from 6.3% in April.
In the Baltics, Estonia’s inflation was fastest among the 19 Eurozone members, with the flash estimate indicating an impressive 20.1%. In April, it was slower, at 18.1%.
The next after Estonia in May on year there was Lithuania with 18.5%, Latvia with 16.4% and Slovakia with 11.8%.
The situation was better in Southern Europe, where the price increase was the slowest in Malta with just 5.6%.