EU nearing recognition of British Covid-19 certificate

People travelling from the UK to the Baltics and other EU member states have been required to do many Covid-19 tests as the vaccination certificates of the EU and UK have not been connected yet. Brussels expects that the interoperability will be ensured in the near future, British news portal The Guardian reports.
Close to three months after the UK made an application to the European Commission to join the EU-wide scheme of the Digital Covid-19 Certificate, a spokesperson in Brussels indicated that the wait would soon be over, though without giving a firm date. The spokesperson stated: «The commission received the UK’s application on 28 July. Significant progress was made on the technical front with the aim of going live soon.»
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The decision would ensure that all 27 EU member states and 16 non-EU countries already linked in the bloc’s system will automatically allow entry to visitors from England, Scotland and Wales carrying the British National Health Service Covid pass, which contains a QR code.
The interoperability will fold data held by the UK’s NHS app into the EU Digital Covid certificate, allowing other countries to access users’ vaccine status and test results at the border. The NHS Covid pass would also be recognised by hospitality premises in countries where proof of vaccination is necessary for entry to bars, restaurants and cultural events, The Guardian reports.