Estonian vaccination rate grows, still under 60% of population vaccinated

In Estonia, where people with the EU digital Covid-19 certificate of negative test results are not permitted to eat at indoor cafes and attend indoor cultural events, the highest vaccination tempo in recent months was reached last week. Still, less than 60% of the population have been vaccinated against the deadly disease, Estonian public broadcaster ERR and the Estonian Health Board report.
In the last week of October, 14,152 people were vaccinated against coronavirus for the first time in Estonia, reaching the highest number for several months. In total, 44,599 people received a dose of a Covid-19 vaccine. Of these, 25,000 were booster doses for already vaccinated Estonians.
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With the spread of the coronavirus being high, hospitals under intense strain and public restrictions in place, all Estonian family doctors and nurses will focus on Covid-19 vaccination and related counselling until November 5, ERR reports.
Thus far, according to the Estonian Health Board, 57% of the population of Estonia have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19.