Estonian rally star punished for speeding with 5 000 euros

Ott Tänak, the rally world champion from Estonia, has received a 5 000-euro fine for seriously exceeding a speed limit on public road, Estonian public broadcaster ERR and Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat report.
Last weekend, the duo of Tänak and co-driver Martin Järveoja took part in the WRC Secto Automotive Rally Finland, where the Hyundai team finished second.
Earlier in the week, in Finland, Tänak was clocked at 101 km/h on a 40 km/h public road on Wednesday, September 29. The experienced rally driver was punished by motorsports governing body the International Automobile Federation (FIA), instead of Finnish authorities.
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The matter was heard on Thursday, September 29, Tänak, the 2019 world champion, explained that he was adjusting the car’s lights at the time and had not seen any pedestrians at the roadside. However, an eye witness, who saw the speeding car, had informed the FIA, who were able to clock Tänak’s speed on their tracking system, ERR and Helsingin Sanomat report.